Motherly Advice On Navigating Student Life Challenges

From the very childhood, mothers teach their children to overcome challenges, live with their emotions, and learn their reactions to difficult situations. When a child grows up, this knowledge remains crucial to handling different academic issues at college.

Motherly Advice On Navigating Student Life Challenges

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Of course, college learners are sure that they are adult enough to listen to their parents’ advice. But still, they turn to Google for help when they have no idea how to deal with another case study, nursing professor has assigned.

If you are one of those proud and independent students and need some practical advice on handling your college responsibilities, be it searching for relevant Math presentation topics or ensuring your coursework sounds good, we have this article for you.

We know that you want to live this student life to the fullest. Thus, we have collected top questions from the student audience and discussed them with mothers who have student-age children. We asked them to provide recommendations as if their children asked them these questions.

“Stay organized…” – Laura, the mom of a 17-year-old student

Planning is half of the success when we talk about tasks that should be completed due to a certain deadline. Thus, when you plan, you can see the number of duties and the deadlines so that you can allocate all the tasks equitably.

There are a lot of mobile apps that you can use to plan your tasks, or you can also use a whiteboard in your room to always have this calendar in front of you.

“Prioritize personal needs…” Jenny, the mom of a graduate student

Do not focus on academic duties only! Of course, you have a lot of tasks to be done shortly but do not forget about your interests and willingness. It means that when you plan your academic responsibilities, put some “outsides” into your plan to balance between “I must to…” and “I want to…”.

Such balance will not only help you feel better but also it will motivate you to do the college stuff without burnout.

“Ask for help…” – Kam, the mom of two students

College duties are what you have to handle in any way because you know the cost of missed deadlines and skipped tasks. Thus, do not neglect an opportunity to get assistance with your writing assignments and other projects you are assigned at college.

There are quite a lot of ways to get assistance. Some options are paid, and some are free of charge.

Among the paid ways, we can name writing services. These are companies with expert academic writers on staff who provide customized help with college papers to students. At such companies, you can order a whole project as well as a part of it. The cost will differ respectively.

Among the free tips, you can ask your mates for help or barter with them. It means that if you are good at one type of writing, and your bestie is like a pro at another one, why not switch your duties and help each other?

“Mind that failures are your opportunities…” – Lily, the mom of a high-school student

Remember that all issues you face lead you to success. Even if you work on a paper and get many corrections from your instructor, this feedback is the secret weapon that will help you learn the question profoundly and then use this information in your career, for example.

Do not let anger cover you; try to find positive sides in any situation.

“Stay flexible…” – Jill, the mom of a psychology department student

Our expectations are often huge issues. Forget about perfectionism when it hurts you. Try to accept any possible way out. Being flexible in your expectations will help you handle any issues in the best possible way just for you.

“Remember your achievements…” – Jan, the mom of high-school and college students

When you feel upset with another assignment, when you feel that you can’t handle it, when you struggle with negative feedback concerning your work, just remember all the positive moments you have already passed. Our brain often focuses on negative aspects, but it is important always to remember the positive ones to keep the emotional balance.

“Remember the reasons you are here…” – Penny, the mom of a student with two higher educations

When you choose a college or university, you are more likely to be interested in the field you are going to study, and you want to use the gained knowledge in your future career. Thus, when you have to handle an assignment, just think about why you have applied to this institution and what your final target is. This will definitely show you that the situation you have faced is essential to reach your target.

You are not the single person who struggles with academic issues, and you will definitely succeed; just believe in yourself!

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