Factors that affect your moving schedule

moving schedule

Moving has always been considered a complex logistical endeavor, regardless of the distance. Even if you are moving to a house across the street, you still need to allow time for gathering your belongings, packing and unpacking them in the new place. If you are moving a long distance, especially in Canada, you often need help. Experienced New Westminster movers will help with packing and transportation of things, and will make sure that all your things arrive in one piece. The most important thing is to decide on a moving date so that you can calculate your travel time. Factors that can affect your move across Canada include:

Time zones

Canada is a large country with six time zones within its borders. It’s worth paying attention to this when planning your move if you’re scheduling deliveries to your new home, connecting utilities, or making other arrangements.

Roads and Routes

Major highways like the Trans-Canada highway make it possible to cross the country quickly, but road conditions across the country can’t be equally perfect – if you’re moving to a remote town, especially in the north of the country, a bad or blocked road can slow down your move. When contacting professional movers, check with them to make sure they are familiar with the area and can suggest alternative routes if there are any obstacles in the way.

Regulations and permits

Depending on the size of your move, certain permits may be required for transporting large loads across provincial borders. Familiarize yourself with local regulations and ensure compliance to avoid fines or delays.


  • The period from November through March is considered winter. Frost and snow affect road conditions and environmental temperatures, so if you do have to move in the middle of winter, take care of proper packing: indoor plants are better transported in special containers, and insulating packing materials are worth finding for cold-sensitive items.
  • The period from April to October is considered milder, as rainfall has less impact on road conditions, but summer heat must also be taken into account: food spoils more quickly in high temperatures and some materials may melt or be damaged. In this case, try to think about keeping things cold during transportation.

Staying calm and organized during the moving will help you even in long-distance moving in winter, so make sure to take moving tips from different sources and be mentally prepared to adjust to changes and deviations in the intended plan.

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