Top 10 Homework AI Tools to Get Answers and Study Help Fast

With the increasing reliance on technology in education, homework AI tools have become valuable assets for students. These AI-powered helpers provide quick and accurate solutions, making the learning experience more efficient and less stressful. This article will discuss the top 10 AI homework tools that can assist students in completing their assignments and understanding complex concepts in various subjects.

1. HIX Tutor – Best Homework AI Tool for Better Grades

Homework AI Tools

HIX Tutor is a versatile AI homework helper that covers a wide range of subjects, including math, physics, literature, and foreign languages. It utilizes machine learning and advanced AI algorithms to solve homework problems and provide study help. HIX Tutor adjusts the complexity of its explanations based on the student’s grade level and can help students prepare for exams. While it offers a free version, upgrading to gain access to its full features is necessary.

2. GeniusTutor – Best Homework AI Tool for Instant Learning

GeniusTutor acts as a personal AI tutor, offering instant assistance, guidance, and feedback to students. It is available 24/7, allowing students to work at their own pace. This AI homework help tool is trained on a vast database of information, ensuring accurate answers and personalized feedback. GeniusTutor provides a free trial, and if it meets the student’s needs, they can upgrade to a paid subscription for uninterrupted access.

3. ExamUp – Best Homework AI Tool Overall

ExamUp is a leading AI homework tool that helps students excel academically. By simply taking a photo of their homework, students can quickly receive correct answers. ExamUp supports over 30 languages and covers various subjects like math, physics, biology, and more. It offers a free plan allowing students to ask homework questions at no cost. For advanced features, a subscription is required.

4. Question AI – Best Homework AI Tool for Ease of Use

Question AI is an efficient AI homework help tool that improves students’ homework skills. With a high accuracy rate, it provides in-depth solutions to challenging problems and facilitates exam preparation. Question AI offers flexible input options, allowing students to type their queries or upload images and documents. While it provides a free version, upgrading to a paid subscription enables further integration into the homework routine.

5. HomeworkAI – Best Homework AI Tool for Multiple Input Options

HomeworkAI is a powerful tool designed to assist students at different academic levels. It supports various file formats, including DOC, DOCX, PDF, and images, making it convenient to upload assignments and receive instant solutions. HomeworkAI covers subjects like mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, and more. It helps students study for exams, improves academic performance, and enhances problem-solving skills.

6. AI Math – Best Homework AI Tool for Mastering Math

AI Math is a specialized AI homework tool that focuses on mathematical subjects. With a high accuracy rate, it helps students learn arithmetic, calculus, trigonometry, and solve math word problems. AI Math offers a free trial to try its native-level comprehension of 30+ languages and generate math solutions in less than 10 seconds. To continue receiving homework help in math, students can upgrade to a paid subscription.

7. SmartSolve – Best Homework AI Tool for Smart Web Learning

SmartSolve serves as the ultimate study assistant, covering various subjects such as history, science, math, and more. This AI homework helper allows students to integrate it into learning platforms, highlight homework questions found online, or take pictures to obtain instant solutions. SmartSolve offers a 4-day free trial with a paid subscription option for unlimited question solving and access to their Chrome extension.

8. OddityAI – Best Homework AI Tool for Greater Comprehension

OddityAI offers a range of homework solutions, including core subjects like math and science, as well as an AI essay writer for generating high-quality essays. This AI homework help tool simplifies the homework process by quickly generating step-by-step solutions. OddityAI provides a free trial with limited uses and flexible pricing options for unlimited use. Students can deepen their understanding of homework topics and improve essay writing skills.

9. Smodin – Best Homework AI Tool for Detailed Homework Help

Smodin Omni utilizes the power of the internet to help students find accurate solutions to their homework questions. It rapidly searches the internet and provides relevant content, explanations, images, and links to related sites. Smodin covers various subjects, such as math, physics, chemistry, and biology, and offers three subscription plans, including a free limited starter plan. The output includes both short answers and longer explanations, enhancing comprehension.

10. AI Tutors – Best Homework AI Tool for Live Tutor Support

AI Tutors connects students with qualified tutors for live support, providing 24/7 assistance. Students can post their homework questions, select a tutor, and choose to connect via Zoom or receive instant feedback. AI Tutors offers additional features like a plagiarism checker and Google translator. While it offers a free chat for communication, caution should be exercised as answers may include plagiarized content.

The Most Recommended AI Homework Help Tool: ExamUp

Among the top AI homework tools, ExamUp stands out as an all-knowing AI tutor capable of assisting students in nearly any subject. By wording questions clearly, students can expect accurate answers and a breakdown of complex problems into smaller, more understandable steps. ExamUp’s focus on comprehension and explanation sets it apart from other AI homework solvers, making it an ideal choice for students looking to improve their grades.


Integrating AI homework tools into students’ study routines can significantly enhance their learning experience and increase efficiency. The top 10 AI homework tools mentioned above provide comprehensive solutions, step-by-step explanations, and personalized assistance in various subjects. By utilizing these AI-powered helpers ethically, students can improve their understanding of topics, boost their grades, and save valuable time. Incorporate AI technology into your daily homework routine and witness how it simplifies the study process.

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