How to Tell if Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat: A Guide

How to Tell if Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat A Guide

Undoubtedly, Snapchat is one of the most popular social platforms. In 2023, it had 406 million active users. Snapchat is a great platform for communicating with friends, but sometimes you might notice that you don’t see someone anymore and wonder if that means they’ve deleted you. Bimscape can help you with advice on other social networks! Like all platforms, you won’t be notified if one of your friends unfriends you, so how to tell if someone unadded you on Snapchat? Let’s see!

How to Tell if Someone Unfriended You on Snapchat? 4 Ways

Though you won’t be notified by Snapchat officially, there are four distinct ways how to tell if someone has unfriended you on Snapchat and we’ll outline them below.

Check the Chat With This Person

With Snapchat, you can check the chat screen with the friend in question. If you look at the buttons at the top right of the screen, you’ll notice there’ll be an “Add” button in blue. This is only visible when you’re not friends with someone. So, if you see it, it means the person has unfriended you. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Then, the icon for “Chat.”
  3. Click on the person you think unadded you.
  4. Check the buttons on the upper right corner of the screen. If you see a blue “Add” button, that means they’ve unfriended you.

But if someone unfriended you on Snapchat, can you still message them? Yes, you can, but the messages will appear as “Pending.” This means they won’t see them until they add you back as a friend.

Search for Them in Your Friends List

How do you know if someone unfriends you on Snapchat? Check your friends list. This is by far the easiest way. If you can’t find them listed on your screen, they might have unfriended you. However, if they’ve simply deleted their Snapchat account, they won’t appear either, so it could just be that they’ve come off the social media platform altogether. Nevertheless, here are the steps to find out:

  1. Open Snapchat.
  2. Click your profile picture.
  3. Scroll to “Friends,” then click “My Friends.”
  4. You’ll see a list on the next screen. Scroll through it to look for your friends. You can also use the search tool to enter their name. If they don’t appear, they’ve either unfriended you or deleted their account.

Check Your Stories Subscription

There are three types of Snapchat stories: Friends, Following, and Discover. You’ll always see your friends’ stories in the “Friends” area. If you don’t follow someone back, their stories are in the “Following” area. So, if you notice the particular friend in question appears in the “Following” tab when they post a story, it means they’ve unfriended you. Here are the steps to check:

  1. Swipe right to show the stories screen. Alternatively, tap the button at the bottom.
  2. Look for the friend’s story and notice whether it appears in the ‘Friends’ section or the “Following” section.

Check Their Snapscore

Another way how to tell if someone unadded you on Snapchat is through their Snapscore. There are many ways you can earn bragging rights with this platform. Your Snapscore is higher when you send snaps and use Snapchat features. However, only your friends can see your Snapscore. Or you can also visit which will show you alternative ways. This means you can use this feature to check if you’re still friends with someone. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Use ‘search’ to find the person in question.
  3. Choose their profile from the results.
  4. Click on their name and view their profile.
  5. See if you can see a Snapscore under their username.

How Do You Know If Someone Unfriends You on Snapchat?

Knowing whether or not someone has unadded you is useful. Remember that if they’ve got a listed profile, but they’re coming up as “add,” then they’ve unfriended you. However, if they don’t seem to be searchable at all, it might simply mean that they’ve deleted their account completely.

When someone deletes you, you won’t see their charms or private stories. If they also shared their Snap Map with you, you won’t be able to see this either. However, you’ll still be able to see their public profile unless they’ve blocked you.

If you suspect they’ve definitely deleted you, then why not pick up the phone and contact them another way and ask? They might simply have decided to have only close family as their friends; it might not be personal.

Final Thoughts

If someone has deleted you off Snapchat try not to let it consume you. If you consider them to be a close friend, then it’s best you ask them about it in person or through a different platform. Once you know the reason, you’ll feel a lot better about it either way.

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