The Many Risks of DIY Solar Panel Installation

The Many Risks of DIY Solar Panel Installation

Thinking about DIY solar panel installation? Be aware of the risks involved! This article highlights the potential dangers involved.

Many people are surprised to find they can save over $1,500 per year on their utility bills by using residential solar panels. While installing home solar panels requires an upfront investment, the benefits are well worth the cost.  However, some people make the mistake of assuming they can handle their project on their own when they go solar. DIY solar panel installation is highly dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.  Understanding the risks will provide insight into why you should hire a professional for this job. Let’s explore the most important information to keep in mind.

Improper Installation

This is one of the most common mistakes people make during DIY solar installation. Solar panel installation is a complicated process. It involves much more than connecting the right components.  You can’t expect to get the right results if you don’t have the appropriate experience. Since you won’t know the key factors to consider, you might also be unaware of your shortcomings.

To clarify, let’s assume your solar panel is projected to generate 50 kWh per month. This amount allows you to save around $1,000 per year on utility costs. However, you don’t configure your solar panel system correctly.  Even though it still generates energy, it provides far less than anticipated. In this context, it might only reduce your monthly bill by $5.  If you didn’t keep track of your electricity costs, you’d miss out on an amazing opportunity. Hiring a professional can also help with unlocking the secrets of solar modules. This can take your solar panel system’s performance to new heights and help you get more for your money.

Time and Resources

It’s not always impossible to install solar panels correctly on your own. However, you’ll spend no shortage of time and resources doing so. It will take a regular person far longer than a professional to handle this project.

This prevents you from focusing on other areas of your home. You’re also more likely to make mistakes that you need to go back and correct. This can add even more time to the process.

Permit Acquisition

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to overlook the need for permit acquisition. Without the required documentation, you could face legal issues if you install the system on your own. This comes in the form of extensive fines and fees.  Your local government might also order you to dismantle the solar panel system, undoing your hard work. The professional you work with will ensure the proper permits are handled. This attribute alone makes hiring one well worth the extra cost.

Help With Technical Installation

Some solar panel systems are more complex than others. It might be impractical for you to install certain ones by yourself.

Imagine you own a large home and wish to cover your entire roof in solar panels. This substantially increases the system’s complexity, and it involves much more than adding extra equipment.

Potential for Damage and Injuries

There’s no shortage of injuries you can experience during installation. Property damage and bodily injury are some of the most common. To clarify, let’s assume you improperly connect the solar panel system during setup.

This could cause an electrical fire while the solar panel gathers energy from the sun. If you aren’t at home to handle the blaze, you could lose your house in mere minutes. Depending on your homeowners’ insurance policy, your insurance provider might not cover this damage.  The company could argue that you created unnecessary risk by installing the solar panel system yourself. This is a catastrophic scenario that most people would find impossible to handle. You could also experience serious injury.  The primary risk at play is electrical shock. Amateurs won’t understand how to configure the system in a way that allows them to eliminate this danger. You could injure your hands while using installation equipment, as well.  There’s also something to be said about the risk of falling off your roof. Even though most people have one-story homes, falling from this height could lead to paralysis or death.

Finding a Professional

When searching for a professional to help with your project, see what other people online have to say about their experiences. This will provide valuable insight into what you can expect from them.  A quick Google search is often all it takes to narrow down your potential options. Pay attention to how the company handles criticism. If they get defensive or aggressive, it’s best to continue your search elsewhere.  How much does the business charge for its services? It’s never recommended to choose the cheapest options.

These often can’t meet your needs, as they provide low-quality service. However, you don’t have to work with the most expensive company. There’s a point of diminishing returns regarding how much you pay.

Spending more money won’t always get you better results. The level of experience the company has will also play a role. Avoid businesses that haven’t been in the industry for at least a decade.

Reputable companies will have plenty of examples of their past projects. You can often find these on their websites. Do they provide ongoing support?

It can be frustrating to deal with issues that arise without professional help. In some cases, these problems can be impossible to handle on your own. The last thing you want is to hire an insulation professional and then have to work on the system yourself.  They should also be communicative and easy to get in touch with. The best companies are those who have no trouble answering your questions or concerns. With enough due diligence, you’ll find the ideal choice for your situation.

Never Pursue DIY Solar Panel Installation

Attempting DIY solar panel installation has the potential to end in disaster. The tips in this guide will help ensure you understand the most notable risks and find the best professional for your needs.

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